Class Language School: Not your Same-Old School

At Class, the teachers are sitting in what is usually a class room for English lessons. Its their weekly strategy meeting for their biggest client, Lenovo. if you out your ear to the door, you don’t hear a monotone drone or a bored silence as you might expect from the average meeting of this kind. Instead there is laughter, many varied voices, attentive silence while one of the team-members lays out an idea that has just taken him, and yes, the sweet scent of some cake or pastry creeping under the door.

Open it just a crack and you’ll see the team seated around the table, with the treatment for a future lesson laid out on the table. No one is sitting though, as one of the team is trying to get the others to pull one of their partner’s finger before it is whipped away, while at the same time catching the finger of the other participants.


This is an English school? These people are paid to do this? Huh?

Well, it may seem like fun and games, but it is really an example of how the school succeeds. Only in such and open and friendly environment can such seeming silliness be the key to creating lessons that not only teach but are fun and energetic fro both the teachers and the students.

It is also with this freedom, however, that comes responsibility. Where other schools are run like factories or offices, Class let’s the teachers own the lessons they teach, which really encourages them to stand up for the work they do and put their hearts and souls into the lessons.

Take a look at Camp Wonderland, the summer camp Class runs. Here the teachers really pull together, listening to each other and pulling together to give the kids a summer they can’t forget and will want to come back to year after year. Oh, and if you like spaghetti, after camp, you’ll love it even more! Check out the video below and see what I mean.