Camp Wonderland – ako ho vníma Baška (13)

Premýšľal som dlhé hodiny ako ľuďom vysvetliť, prečo je Camp Wonderland také špeciálne miesto. Potom som z ničoho nič dostal správu na Facebooku, ktorá krásne vyjadruje, o čom to celé je. Tak som si povedal, že sa s vami o ňu podelím. Jej autorka, Baša (13), bola taká dobrá a dovolila mi to.



Hi Ed,
I know, that’s it a bit late, but here’s my feedback:

My Group
I had so much fun and I learnt so much. I really appreciated being in the group with the “big kids,” the ones with the highest level of English. When they told me that I am in the group with Kajka and Takáč, I thought it was a mistake! I was so surprised. I could compare how it is to spend time with 13 and 16 years old people… It’s really different!

The Counselors
Every single year I think, that the new counselors will never be that good like the counselors from the last years. And I’m always wrong! Also, after more than 4 years I saw Zuzka again! It was so cool, I was like: „I think I know who you are“

I don’t know if you read the feedback I wrote in camp, but if you did, I have to CORRECT myself. The question was: „What could we improve (or something like that..)?“ and I wrote: FOOD and CABINS. I don’t even know, why I wrote it there. First of all,. Food in camp is getting better every year.. And I am a special kid, so I eat almost nothing, that people serve… But I liked almost every meal… And the cabins: I know, that it’s hard to find affordable and nice accommodation so I accept it.

Wonderland vs. England
When I compare camp to my trip to England (writing from England), Wonderland is so much better. It’s like… it’s already been 3 days that we went to the forest to play Capture the Flag. Every disco we dance Cha-Cha slide and Cotton Eye Joe… And it’s like.. nobody knows the Cotton Eye Joe dance… I’m feeling weird in here. And the biggest difference is… We more often speak English in camp… I’m serious… I don’t know, why they think, that kids don’t understand them and they translate everything into German, Spanish and Chinese…


Every year I’m surprised how you can improve camp… So many new activities and I have to admit, that my chart of the camp songs has changed… Rustasha (I hope it spells like that :D ) moves to the second place, cause I prefer that new circle song. I also have to mention nurse Gabika , because she is part of camp as well… I really have to say, that it is a big responsibility to take care of all of us and she has done it succesfully! :)

In short, it was one of the best years.

See you next year,